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LFM Highmaul Normal!

We’re recruiting 3 healers and 3 caster DPS for our core Normal-mode raid group. No need to apply in our forums (seriously, who has time for that?), just message an officer in-game! Normal raid times: Tuesday and Thursday: 9:30 PM – 12:00 AM (PST) Current Needs: 3 Ranged DPS (Pref clothies) 3 Healers (Pref Leather) Requirements: Ability to use Mumble Ability to contribute to the raid’s success

Back for 5.4, and ready to /flex!

After our typical “mid-expansion break”, the band is getting back together! Leaner, meaner, and focused on tackling Flex difficulty raids. We are currently recruiting ranged DPS and healers to join our core Flex group. Hit us up in-game if interested! Flex raid times: Tuesday and Thursday: 9:30 PM – 12:30 AM (PST) Current Needs: Ranged DPS Healers (Pref with DPS OS) Requirements: Ability to use Mumble Ability to contribute to  [ Read More ]

Challenge Accepted

We had our 1st attempt at Challenge Mode today. Not bad!

MoP Launches at Midnight!

Here is some more last minute info! Wowhead’s launch guide. Reputation Info (Vendor gear) Wowhead’s pre-raid gear guide. Top 10 Things to Know for Mists of Pandaria MOP Dungeon Bosses 101 (Short and sweet for use in /party) List of Leveling gear vendors in Pandaria How to Gear for Mogu’Shan Vaults Cooking Guide Cloud Serpent Mount Guide Also: watch the launch event LIVE starting at 8PM PST HERE.

[PSA] Mists of Pandaria Info

Because I care, I’ve consolidated a few useful links to prepare you for MoP. Classes: Icy Veins Classes and Specs Gear: Legendary Weapons Preview Justice Point Rewards Capes and Dungeon Armor PvP Gear Preview Reputations: Quartemasters location August Celestials Preview Golden Lotus Preview The Klaxxi Preview Shado-Pan Preview The Tillers Professions: Leatherworking Preview Cooking Specialization Preview Cooking Preview, Part 2 Blacksmithing Preview Features: Challenge Modes Misc: New Mounts Rare Elites and  [ Read More ]