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[PSA] Patch 5.0.4 expected Tuesday, Aug. 28

Here’s a quick TL;DR version of WoW Insider’s “What to expect from patch 5.04

What you will see in patch 5.0.4

  • Account-wide achievements, pets and mounts
  • AoE looting
  • BattleTag support
  • Class and talent system changes
  • Item changes “Head enchants will be a thing of the past, as will relics and ranged and thrown items. All weapons will now be equipped in the weapon slot. For hunters, this means you’ll have your bow or gun in your weapon slot. For casters, this means that you may now equip a wand as a main-hand weapon. All ranged weapons will be updated to be more powerful as a result of this change, and ranged weapons no longer have a minimum range. In addition, spell penetration has been replaced by the new PvP power stat on existing items.”
  • Profession changes “Prime glyphs have been removed, and many glyphs have been changed, added, altered or moved to different glyph types.”
  • UI changes
  • World Event: Attack on Theramore Isle
  • Currency conversion
What will not be included in patch 5.0.4
(Because you’ll have to wait until Mists of Pandaria launches on Sept 25)

  • Pet battles
  • Monks
  • Pandaren characters
  • New/heroic dungeons
  • Pandaria

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