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And so it begins: Hard modes

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  1. Treebager says:

    o ya see sexy bye bye arthas

  2. Krush says:

    Quit hogging the spotlight (Elune stones) Tree…

  3. Tiffinator says:

    In the Sindra screenshot, he’s doing the same exact pose w/ the spotlight and everything. That’s pretty funny xD…but yeah quit it man!

  4. Treebager says:

    O.o fine

  5. Heilios says:

    You sued the one where it made me turn after using penance! lol

  6. Treebager says:


  7. Krush says:

    I used that one cuz the Tranquility effect looked cool. Besides Heilios, there’s 2 of you in that pic!

  8. Heilios says:

    Haha, oh yeah, my floating body from where he killed me while dragging me into Frostmourne. Good times.