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Putricide (because we WILL get Rotface)

Hey guys, so I’m sure it’s been a while since we all last watched the tankspot video for Putricide…which can only mean that it’s time to refresh everybody’s (and mine) memory once we get the chance to face him after downing that son of a bitch. Questions are also welcomed.

Key things to remember:

– Throughout the fight, Putricide will toss out all sorts of random crap that you probably don’t want to stand in. IE…
Ooze piles: With the exception of the OT who is controlling the abomination, he/she has to clear the floor as much as possible by eating those oozes.
Brown flasks: They’re gas bombs!
Malleable Goo: Professor Putricide bounces a Malleable ball of Green Goo at the target, inflicting 14625 to 15375 damage and slowing attack and cast speed by 1% for 15 sec.

– When the line, “Professor Putricide will begin to cast unstable experiment” shows up on the screen he’ll summon adds– they’re either volatile oozes or gas clouds.  The first one will ALWAYS be volatile ooze.
Volatile oOze: It will always spawn on the north side of the room so stand at the opposite side when it’s coming.  The ooze needs to be killed immediately before it reaches the targeted (and rooted) player and pops.
Gas clouds: It’s going to chase a random player and cast a 10 stack debuff on him. Every time it deals damage one stack of the debuff will go away.  If the cloud doesn’t touch that player in 20 seconds, the debuff will disappear and it’ll target a different player doing the same thing. Please, please don’t let it touch you when you still have the stack(s) of the debuff unless your toon wants to die a horrible gaseous death.

So no matter what add we get, ooze or gas, we have to slow their movement and burn them down before it reaches the targeted player.

– When it gets to phase 3, OT will lose the abomination.  Putricide will stack up Mutated Plague on one of the tanks–make sure the tanks taunt it off of each other every FOUR stacks. And finally, pop cds, lust, everything you have at the last phase because no abomination = more ooze piles.

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